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colophon and quiver (updated March 30, 2023)

  • Web hosting and CMS: I use the Ghost (Pro) Starter Plan for both hosting and as my content management system. On March 29, 2023, I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost for two simple reasons: (a) interface, and (b) speed.
  • (a) the Wordpress interface looks like an ancient B2B system; it also feels bloated with plugins (even though I kept them to a minimum), while Ghost has a clean UI and there are no plugins to install and maintain
  • (b) I know there's debate out there about speed differential between Ghost and Wordpress, the apples to apples comparison probably puts them at par, but in my inexperienced experience, Ghost is much faster than my prior config (Wordpress + Lightweight GeneratePress Theme + VPS hosting + Bunnynet CDN)
  • (x) Unfortunately, in the migration, I lost all comments -- I think it was a price worth paying, but time will tell. I have re-opened comments here in Ghost, but you have to subscribe to be able to post what's on your mind
  • Theme: Alto by Ghost, it's one of the free themes and it's uncluttered and minimal... the one thing I'd like to add is an archives page but, because I'm on the Starter Plan, I don't get to make any customizations
  • Font: Modern sans-serif, clean and minimal and, again, not many choices here given the entry level Ghost plan
  • Brand color: ##0d4cbe <-- picked from mymind color palettes

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