about 7fin.org

i use this website as my technical notebook to capture thoughts and observations. Things should be in plain English and intuitive. Most, if not all, of finance is easy once these principles are fully understood: (a) time value of money, and (b) the risk-return relationship.

who am i?

i’m Luis. I have spent 15+ years in multiple assignments in corporate finance, capital markets, and treasury at mega cap corporations.

  • $80+ billion in financings in the bond and loan markets (in various currencies)
  • $50+ billion in equity transactions (including large tender offers and accelerated share repurchases)
  • $40+ billion multi-sector investment portfolios (fixed-income mostly)
  • $15+ billion derivatives portfolios for managing currency and interest rate risk

what else?

when I'm not thinking about finance, I pursue useless and unimportant interests: poetry, travel, books (classics mostly), photos, surfing, science, tigers… and I'm a family man too.I keep somewhat of a journal here.

this website

here is this website's colophon.